To transcend the barriers of language, the story is told visually with little dialogue. Director Roberto Girault (El Estudiante) explains his approach: "The film brings the viewer into a ‘mystical reality’. People will actually see what happens within a lost soul when someone prays the Rosary for him. With state-of-the-art CGI and an international cast, we are presenting a quality faith-based film that will challenge and inspire viewers.”

EYES OF MERCY brings audiences inside the soul of a man struggling from despair and temptation. It presents the spiritual battle in play for each of our souls, and the direct impact of prayer.

Countless miracles have been attributed to this special prayer that began in the 13th century when the Virgin Mary gave her Rosary to St. Dominic. However, according to a Georgetown University study, of the 1.2 billion Catholics on the planet, nearly 1 billion do not pray the Rosary. "Yet, there are 1 billion Catholics who watch at least one movie every week," says producer Dennis Crow.


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​​​Press Release
EYES OF MERCY is a dramatic and mystical film that presents the  spiritual battle in play for each of our souls, and the direct impact of prayer. 


Eyes of Mercy is a magical short film that will inspire millions to pray the Rosary 

New Eyes for a Blind World

Los Angeles, CA June 23, 2016 – VOX DEI Productions has assembled a group of filmmakers to create EYES OF MERCY, a Catholic film showing the power of the Rosary. The team includes award-winning director Roberto Girualt, Latin American star Karyme Lozano, critically acclaimed composer Juan Manuel Langarica, and 30- year film veteran Dennis Crow, founder of Vox Dei, as producer. 

Eyes of Mercy's mission is to reignite a sense of awe in the devotion to the Rosary and it will be distributed online for FREE. Karyme Lozano is a prominent international TV star who became involved with EYES OF MERCY because of her own personal devotion to the Rosary. "We want this film to reach and have an impact on a worldwide audience. Praying Mary's Rosary is the greatest tool we have for instilling both individual and global peace."