EYES OF MERCY is a dramatic and mystical film that will take audiences inside the soul of a man struggling with a crisis of faith.  It presents the  spiritual battle in play for each of our souls, and the direct impact of prayer.  ​

Karyme Lozano is one of the most prominent international television stars today, three times chosen as one of People in Español’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’. Her hugely successful soap operas have aired multiple times in numerous countries on every continent contributing to a fan base of over 100 million world-wide. Karyme is the only star simultaneously featured in a lead role in two prime-time soaps, El Manantial, and Niña Amada Mía, a unique event in Univision history.


Fadik’s dynamic screen presence in “8 Days of Zeynep” won her the Best Actress award at the 2008 International Ankara Film Festival, as well as an Artistic Achievement Award from the International Alexandria Film Festival. In 2011 she received another Best Actress Award for her performance in “Merhaba” at the long-running New York First Run Film Festival. She has been honored to also be a Jury member for international film festivals such as the EuroAsia and Silk Road festivals. In 2011, Fadik moved to Los Angeles when she was appointed as the Film Ambassador of Turkey by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Role of Mother Mary


Role of Doris

KARYME LOZANO (confirmed)​

Karyme also co-starred in the Epic movie, For Greater Glory, playing the role of Doña María Sánchez del Río, mother of Blessed José Luis Sánchez del Rio. Karyme is also a diligent pro-life advocate and a founding board member of the Vida Initiative, a foundation geared to create and educate Latino Leaders in the Pro-Life Movement and has significantly helped many young women realize the value of the babies within their wombs. 

Karyme is a prolific speaker who is able to relate her faith in an understandable and relatable manner. Her experience of drifting from her faith followed by her journey home, in addition to the trials and tribulations she has encountered along the way as a result of being a disciple of Jesus makes her testimony extremely heartfelt and compelling. Karyme is an exceptionally inspiring speaker who naturally connects with everyone she encounters. 

Karyme recently wrote, produced and directed a Short Film entitled “The True Meaning of Love,” a reflection of a dying woman regarding a choice she made when she was young and the consequences of her decision.

Fadik Sevin Atasoy is an LA-based award-winning actress, author, entrepreneur and noted public figure in Turkey.  Coming from a family of actors, her acclaimed acting career began there at the age of four with the National Theater, and at ten becoming a child star with her own show on Turkish National Broadcast.

After receiving her Masters of Arts degree from Bilkent University, Fadik performed as the leading actress with the Turkish National Theatre in seven plays and then with the Bulgarian National Theatre. In 2005 Fadik’s charisma spread to the big screen with “Jail Birds,” winning Best Supporting Actress at the internationally prestigious Golden Orange Awards.